Tip & Toe The Nail Club are Pioneers in Luxury Nail salon Chain with its presence as the leaders in the industry since its inception in 2012. We have 10 branches in India and growing in less than 9 years.

Tip & Toe Nail Club is a vision of its founder Mrs. Sharmila Thanki who leads this chain successfully along with a team of highly trained professionals.

Just walk into a Tip & Toe Nail Club and you’ll know you’re in for something that’s beyond your typical mani-pedi experience as every Tip & Toe team member is friendly and knowledgeable.

We use top-of-the-line sanitation and sterilization techniques to ensure that your hands and feet stay healthy and look great.

Why do we strive to be different—and better? Because clean, beautiful and healthy nail care is what we’re all about. And the time you spend with us should be a special treat, not something to endure.

Tip & Toe Nail Club Clintele boasts of Topmost Bollywood Celebrities, Socialites and Fashionistas as we provide our customers with services above and beyond industry standards, top of the line international products and exceed regulations to guarantee a clean, fresh, comfortable experience that’s kind to our environment.

So, come on in, experience Tip & Toe The Nail Club and join the nail care revolution, coz you deserve the best.

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