Lip Blushing

What is Lip Blushing? First things, first - lip blushing is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that enhances the appearance of your lips by depositing pigmented ink with a mechanical needle. It is done to give your lips a fuller appearance and an attractive tint, while still keeping it looking natural. The procedure can also be used to achieve a defined lip line, without making it look too intense or fake. It is less invasive than lip tattoos, making it more popular with younger women who do not want to damage or scar their lips with a tattoo gun. Lip blushing can be often confused with lip tattooing. Unlike lip tattoos, lip blushing involves pigmenting your lips with shading or pixelating techniques. They can be customized to match your skin tone, heal faster (5-10 days) and last up to three to four years without having to retouch with another session.

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